An Introduction To Google’s Teachable Machine

Machine learning and neural networks are an emerging technology; unsurprisingly, as with many things in the digital sphere, Google is at the forefront of this technology. Until very recently, even basic examples of the technology had been out of reach for most people, requiring substantial knowledge of both programming and[…]

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What Is Human Capital?

The standard 11 is the base for the commerce students. They are provided with the basic concepts of various subjects of the commerce stream at this level, and the textbook of economics is provided with such all concepts. It offers the knowledge of the field in brief to the learners.[…]

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WordPress: Much Required For Web Content Development

In the field of information technology, content development and webs site development, there is hardly anyone who has not heard about the WordPress. It is a much famous open source software that allows the users to create a beautiful blog or website as per the provided options. It is the[…]

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