Easy Tips & Tricks To Maintain Window Blinds Of Your Home

Maintaining blinds, shutters and other window treatments of the house can be challenging and thus it may not be an enjoyable task on your “to-do-list”. Moreover, there are several steps that can be taken to make this process convenient and fast- that too at minimal expenses. Want to know what these are and how to implement them? Read on to find out more about the simple tips and tricks that will help you maintain every type of blinds seamlessly.

How to Clean Blinds Effectively?

There are five tips that can be beneficial for cleaning window blind effectively and these are:

  • Right set of tools: Before you begin with the cleaning process do ensure that you have the much-needed tools by your side. Some of the common types are a duster made from cotton, feather or microfiber that would remove dust or dirt accumulated on the slats. Further, for precise cleaning, there are brushes available with a variety of bristles. Similarly, a vacuum cleaner can remove dust without damaging the slats, rubber sponge to get rid of the stains and damp rag for spot cleaning.
  • Professional-graded chemicals: Often it is seen that homeowners overlook the importance of professional graded chemicals for the maintenance of blinds. But, they can apparently turn out to be a lifesaver, removing those unwanted stains and deposited dirt in just one swipe. A good practice is you can dilute the chemicals with water and then use them on the slats. This keeps them free from dirt or dust and brings a vibrant shine as they had in the beginning.
  • Deeper Cleaning: Another vital aspect about maintaining blinds is to count on professional cleanups at least once a year. The deeper cleaning provided by them will not only cleanthem but at the same time ensure that their durability is sustained, so that they can remain the way they are for years to come.
  • Avoid harsh materials: A common mistake that people make is that they end up using harsh materials for cleaning their blinds and this leads to damage and frequent repairs. Therefore, rely only on high-quality chemicals and soft-touch materials that are designed for cleaning the slats, otherwise they can break the fragile components affecting the strength and quality of the window treatment.
  • Be consistent: You can’t clean the blind monthly and then leave it the way they are for ages. Rather the key lies in consistency, prepare a schedule for maintenance and stick to that. If you are not sure about the type or the duration in which they require the same then you can consult with a professional and then work on it.

What Are the Special Care for Different Blinds?

Undoubtedly, every blind is not the same; rather they are made from a wide range of materials that possess distinct properties, features and functionality. Therefore, based on that there are certain blinds that require exceptional care and preventative maintenance, such as

  • Wooden blind should always be cleaned using soft duster and water in minimal quantities. Make sure that the slats dry at once after they meet liquids, and soaking them is not recommended.
  • Fabric blind can lose their luster if you clean them using traditional detergents, hence dry clean them once a month and notice the difference.
  • Mini blinds are small and durable, and can be cleaned using a mixture of water with white vinegar. Rub this onto the slats and then clean it with a cloth.
  • Metal blinds are durable and can be rinsed with water and then wiped with a microfiber cloth.

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