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Is Your Garden Hose Toxic?

The weather is warming up and what better, more wholesome and low-cost way to keep the kids cool than to get the sprinkler out? Little do you know that your average garden hose may be harbouring a number of toxins that may be harmful not only to your children’s health,[…]

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Five Ways Flooring Can Make A Space Appear Bigger

For years interior designers have been coming up with new and innovative ways to make small rooms look bigger. As detailed in Remodelista some of the most common ways of achieving this are by using mirrors, lighting or positioning furniture in a certain way. But did you know that your flooring can[…]

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Great British Weather Explained

So far this winter we have had our fair share of cold snaps, leaving many people feeling the cold and Gloucester boiler installation company http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boiler-installation-and-heating-systems/ have been very busy keeping people warm in their homes.  In fact, the United Kingdom is renowned for being a country of rapidly changing and[…]

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