Three Window Features You Need To Improve Security

Improving your windows can add comfort, insulation and style to your home, but did you know that the state of your windows is also important when it comes to home security? According to crime prevention guidance from the police, homes with few security features are up to five times more attractive to criminals to break into and rob. Here are three ways to improve your home and its security.

Joys of double glazing

We know double glazing controls temperature and cuts fuel bills; in addition, it makes it harder for burglars to invade your home. Window frames can be weakened over the years, but double-glazed windows are tightly sealed and secured at the frame. Many modern double-glazed windows have security features built in and offer excluding devices to make jemmying or forcing difficult. Frames made of welded uPVC are extremely tough and are designed to foil criminals’ attempts to remove the glass. Double glazing will automatically improve your home security and could reduce your home insurance premiums. The Telegraph has more tips on boosting home security to decrease the cost of your insurance.

Get tough

Glass that is toughened or laminated will also improve your home security. Both kinds of glass are designed to incorporate features that make it much harder to break, keeping burglars on the outside looking in.

Lock it down

A range of locks are also available that can be added to windows to make them much more secure. These include shoot bolts added to the top and bottom of the window and multi-point locks that bolt the window to its frame in a number of places and make it hard to force open. There are also hinge restrictors and push handles that incorporate a latch to lock the window when it is pushed. If you want to discover more about the options available for Dublin windows and doors, consult an expert such as The professionals can tell you everything you need to know about Dublin windows and doors and their security benefits.

There are many ways of improving your windows that also make your home more secure. The added security of burglar-resistant windows combined with the comfort of windows benefiting from the latest technology is a great investment for almost every home.

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