Dedicated Server Hosting India – A Hosting Service Registering Rapid Growth

Dedicated Server Hosting Service has exhibited a tremendous business growth in India, since the growth of large scale industries and businesses in this country have registered unprecedented results, due to the recent economic developmentin India. The rapid increase in E Commerce houses in India has also helped in rapid expansion and development of services of the dedicated server hosting service provider companies, in this country.

About Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, in a dedicated server hosting, the entire physical server and its total computing resources is dedicated to a single user for her/his use of hosting services.  No other user is allowed to share the server or its computing resources in a dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting is a configuration of hosting, in which the sever is dedicated to one organisation or for serving a single purpose. A dedicated server hosting has both the facilities of setting an in-house server or providing service from the server, within a remote data centre.

Since the dedicated server hosting dedicates the entire server with its total computing resources to a single user, it is the most suitable server hosting service, to provide hosting to business web sites of mega business organisations or E commerce houses. These web sites generally have very heavy traffic of web site visitors, numbering in millions, who visit the web sites for making their online purchases. The dedicated server hosting service only iscapable of handling such a huge traffic of web visitors, during the peak hours of business transactions. The dedicated server hosting is also the only hosting service that ensures round the clock uninterrupted running of these business websites, with record 99.99% uptime. These features make the dedicated server hosting, as the hosting service of choice for all super big business organisations and E commerce houses, in India.

Advantages of Dedicated Sever Hosting

  • The dedicated server hosting service is fully customisable by the client, according to her/his business requirements.
  • The dedicated server hosting has a record uptime of 99.4% to 99.9%.
  • The dedicated server hosting is never having the problems of a congested server.
  • The dedicated server hosting is a very secured hosting service, as it is not shared with anyone else, except for the client herself/himself.
  • The managed dedicated server hosting is providing the best possible technical support team to its clients.

Dedicated Server Hosting Services

There are a number of dedicated server hosting services provider companies, who are providing top ranking dedicated server hosting services, to their clients. All these providers of dedicated server hosting service provide faster deployment of servers, to provide consistent hosting performance with top level security, to their customers. These dedicated server hosting service provider companies provide fully functional and dedicated infrastructure, to their users. The clients are offered with the facility of setting up their customised requirements, according to their applications. The dedicated server hosting service is free from any risk of functional failure. The costing of the dedicated server hosting is pay per use basis, providing financial relief to the customer. DialWebHosting is recommended as the best dedicated server hosting provider service providing company.  

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