Hire A Professional To Solve Pest Problems Effectively? Not If You’ve Got The Right Pest Control Supplies!

Many people think of pest control as something that is carried out by serious men in protective suits, wielding a formidable arsenal of weaponry with which to dispatch those pesky critters. But while in some particularly difficult cases it may be necessary to call in the professionals Brentwood pest control company , often pest control can be carried out by the home or business owner themselves.

images (2)Whether your problem is of the insectoid variety, furry and whiskered, winged or microscopic, if you have the right pest control products for the job you can get it done yourself without the need to call in expensive specialists. To illustrate this, here are a few simple solutions for dealing with some of the most common pest control issues in the UK.

Rats and mice

Whether you live in the city or the country, the chances are high that at some point you will suffer from an infestation of mice or rats. Both types of rodent can spread disease, whilst also potentially wreaking havoc with wiring and damaging furniture, insulation and even causing structural damage.

Mouse and rat poisons are regularly used pest control products by homes and businesses, but of course these are not always appropriate, such as when pets are present or in food storage areas. Traps are another common method, and come in traditional, glue and humane varieties. An alternative approach is to use an electronic mouse repeler which uses ultrasonic sound to keep mice away.


Ants can be a pest both in the home and in the garden, and it can sometimes seem like there’s just no way of stopping their intrusion! However, with the right pest control supplies it is possible to eliminate them.

Poison is the most common method for dealing with ant problems, but there are a range of different delivery methods, each with their own strengths. Ant powder is highly effective, but is not recommended for those who have pets or small children in the house. Sprays and organic dusts present viable alternatives.


The scourge of gardeners throughout the country, moles are notoriously difficult to catch. In fact you might not even see the burrowing mammals themselves, but are probably much more familiar with the unsightly hills of earth they leave in their wake. Mole tunnel traps are designed to be set and left to await the next incursion. Humane smoke bombs are also available, which can deter the moles from the area.


Difficult to see but not impossible to kill, fleas can be a source of disturbance for the whole household, not least the family pets. They can be hard to eradicate completely because of their ability to live on cats, dogs, people, carpets and furniture. For this reason it’s important to treat your pets with medicated shampoos whilst simultaneously using home pest control products such as sprays and powders, all of which should be available from specialist suppliers.

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