How Bananas Are Beneficial For A Human Body

Having a fruit on an everyday basis is a very good thing to do. People do have a very bad food habits these days and so one needs to something good to balance it out. That is why; nutritionists and dieticians ask people to add a fruit to their daily diet.

Bananas are something which is available throughout the year and this is also very beneficial. One can easily add them in next day fruit baskets and send it to people. Here are some major benefits of bananas that one should be aware of:

Great source of Vitamin B6

This fruit has a rich content of Vitamin B6 and so this is easily absorbed in a human body if one can consume a medium sized banana at a regular basis. As a result, they can produce more blood cells and they can metabolise the fats and carbohydrates easily so that they can turn into energy. Vitamin B6 can also metabolise amino acids and it can remove the unwanted chemicals from the kidneys and liver by maintain a good and healthy nervous system. This is also good for pregnant women because it helps in the development of the foetus inside.

​​Good source of Vitamin C

It is said that a medium sized banana can easily meet the 10 percent of daily vitamin C needs of a human body. It helps to protect the body against cells and tissue damage and help the body to absorb iron better. This also helps the body in producing collagen which is a protein that holds the bones and skin together. It can also support the brain health by producing serotonin which is a hormone that affects the moods and sleep cycles.

Good for your skin

A proper sized banana has almost 14 percent to regular manganese needs for a human being. This helps the body to produce collagen and protects the skin and other cells from any other kinds if radical skin damages.

Aids in heart health and blood pressure

A banana has a good amount of potassium (at least 300 to 400 grams) and this meets at least 10 percent of daily potassium needs of a human being. This helps one in maintaining the heart health and controls the blood pressure. At the same time, bananas are very low in sodium which controls high blood pressure and keeps it in normal level.

Helps in digestion and beat gastrointestinal issues

Banana has a lot of fibres and so the presence of soluble and insoluble fibres plays a great role in human health. The soluble fibres can help the body to control the blood sugar level and the insoluble fibres can soften the stools and helps in regular and hassle free bowel movements. Those who are suffering from constipation are advised to eat bananas on a regular basis. This also helps in reducing stomach ulcers and heart burn.

Banana is a very commonly available fruit and one can easily add them to the fruit basket by post UK.

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