Marketing Practices To Be Followed In Case Of Bulk SMS

The market for bulk marketing is in a phase of booming. As per reports coming nearly 98 % of the customers read a message sends on their mobile phones within a couple of minutes. It does make sense to get in touch with bulk SMS Noida companies. All these figures available provide companies more insights on cashing on this marketing medium.

But on the other side of the coin it proves to be a highly abused source of marketing. To make it big in this domain you need to follow certain guidelines.

The bulk SMS provider in Noida generally follows the below mentioned practices

Obtain permission

By given a customer the option of opt in they have given their nod of approval to receive messages from your end. This is via the medium of mobile phones or the internet. To incorporate a valuable bulk SMS database getting permission is a key aspect. It does make it easy for a customer to join your SMS campaign list. They certainly are aware that they can expect messages from you.

Rely on a simple code

It would be always better to work with an easy to memorize short code. You do not want your customers of bearing the pain in order to remember your code. For small business acquiring short detailed codes would be a major problem. Sharing of codes with no competitors would be beneficial in such cases.

The messages have to be direct

Do avoid the temptation of spelling everything in 140 characters. With a SMS ad copy let the customers be aware on what is in store for them. Most of the well-known messages rely on simple language and avoid using any short cuts to reduce confusion.

The messages need to be relevant

You cannot over emphasize the relevancy factor. Even if you have the most creative ad copy it would not matter if the message is not relevant to your audience. Targeting and segmentation come into picture here. Be aware of the demographics along with your target audience before you are sending out messages.

Messages have to be personal

With the power of bulk SMS you can foster a personalized relationship with your customers via a message. Use the name of the receiver as part of your SMS campaign would be an impressive way to make the customers happy. They do valuable and special at the same time.

Time it

You might have the most creative of messages, but it may not serve any purpose if you have not timed it right. For example if you send out a text message during the day it is not going to have the same response when this message is send out at an appropriate time. Messages send out in the early part of morning or night time seem to be more effective. The timings would depend upon the characteristics of the target audience. Regular testing of time would be the best way to figure out the correct time.

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