Rera- A Much Awaited Law To Prevent The Builder Dispute

Builder dispute is making a chaos in the city of Gurgaon. Gurgaon being a lead industrial and financial hub, a bulk of employers and employees are started to taking possession of the land properties of that city. Increasing demands of taking over possession of land further increase the demands of builders. Yet, often we have come across in certain cases where the builders try to cheat the landowners in cases like delay in possession, for few projects, construction not even started, enhanced demand by the builder at the time of handing over of possession like charging for increase in super area, major change in the layout plan or building plan by the builder, leading to frustration of the purpose of purchase of the home buyer, etc. and creating builder disputes. One can also take legal action against such builder disputes with the help of builder disputes lawyer in Gurgaon. Legal resolved is a company who will provide you with a vast networking of advocates of different legal fields. You can contact Legal resolved for hiring the best advocate for your case.

In order to bring a change and to prevent such builder disputes in cities like Gurgaon, the Government of India has passed RERA in 2016. RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Act that came into force on 1st May 2016. Every State Government is under a mandatory duty to notify the rules and form the authority for resolution of disputes of the home buyers.

For your proper understanding the provisions of RERA, let us give you a detail note of certain important things-

1) Jurisdiction- You can file your complaint with the authority of the State where the property is situated.

2) Appeal- Under RERA after the settlement of the dispute by the Authority, an appeal will lie to the Appellate Authority, after Appellate Authority to the High Court (of the State where the property is situated) and then lastly to the Supreme Court.

3) Other legal remedies during pendency– Under RERA, the complainant is barred from claiming any other relief from the authority of RERA where there already exists a complaint against the same builder.

4) Transparency and accountability in the real estate industry- After the enactment of RERA, you can ask your builder to keep transparency of the work that has been allotted to him so that the builder could not be cheated you.

5) Buyers will be Protected- To provide clarity to buyers, builders will have to keep them informed of their other ongoing projects. RERA necessitates builders to submit the originally approved plans for their continuing projects and the modifications that they made later. They also have to furnish details of revenue collected from allottees, how the funds were utilized, the timeline for construction, completion, and delivery or transfer of possession of the home.

6) Problem of Delay in Delivery Solved- As a home buyer you might find problems of late delivery of the homes due to various factors such a litigation, land acquisition issues etc. However, under RERA the problem will be solved. Failing to deliver the home within the specified period of time will require the builders to return the money invested by you along with the pre-agreed interest rate mentioned in the contract.

7) Penalty: Penalty in the form of imprisonment has also been imposed against the violators under RERA.

To understand the legal provisions as well as to take legal action can be very hectic and can often take up a huge amount of time when it is not your speciality. Legalresolved can help you to free from such problems. It is a platform which will provide you with the best legal advice from the best builder disputes lawyer in Gurgaon.

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