Seasonal Affective Disorder

Perhaps you or someone you know suffers from SAD? It’s a condition that normally descends during the autumn and winter when there are less hours of daylight. Most people with SAD develop useful self-help strategies that might include:

Keeping blinds open and making the most of the natural light

Creating a helpful support network

Taking exercise and eating healthily

Travel somewhere with better light

Use a light box

Avoid stressful situations

Sometimes small changes can help, such as spending more time outside on brighter days, especially around noon. Having a paler décor at home can also help to reflect more light around your interior. Have a good clear out during the summer, so you have lots of free space and as much light as possible when winter comes. For Skip Hire Swansea, are a skip hire company in Swansea

Avoid stress

A lot of people feel more stress during the winter. If this is the case, try to plan ahead when you’re feeling well. For example, buy your Christmas presents early and save big events for the summer, such as moving home or taking up a new job. It’s important to take more time to rest in the winter, relax and plan some fun activities. It’s important to set aside extra time in the winter to rest, relax and do some pleasant activities in the winter.


If you suffer with SAD, consider joining a support group. It helps to share experiences, especially with others who know how you feel. Speak to your GP about any groups that might be in your area.

Exercise and eat well

Staying physically active in the winter will help to boost your mood and keep you in good shape. Exercise helps to increase energy levels too. It doesn’t have to be highly strenuous, some housework, a brisk walk or some gardening counts as exercise.

Use a light box

This is a device that contains super bright fluorescent tubes, helping you to get more exposure to light during the dark winter months. A light box will generally be x10 brighter than standard household lights but are available in different sizes and strengths. Some find it useful to use every day and you can use one at any time of day. A light box can really improve the mood of those suffering from SAD, but it’s always best to check with your optician first if you have any existing eye issues.

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