Tips for buying a Tablet

The most important thing now is that the tablets are already almost a few laptops / notebooks when they added the keyboard attachment, which in some brands also increases the technical specifications of the tablet to join her, and on the other hand we have laptops / notebooks that already have touch screens and keyboard can be separated, then, as you can tell, practically came to a point where we can talk about tablets that make laptops when the keyboard is added, or laptops / notebooks tablets become when separated from the keyboard, and the only thing that differentiates them is the size of their screens, the tablets do not exceed 12 “and have an average laptop screens 13” and 15 “.

The first thing you should consider when wanting to buy a tablet, is the use to which it will give and reason, since for example we want a tablet for work tasks, because we see that our colleagues the used and seem more comfortable, but if we happen to use a laptop to a tablet, it would be best to buy one from a inico bring a keyboard apart in its design, this way the transition would be easier, then there analyze the importance of this point very well, because they can be many variables, and they depend on the type of tablet that is more in our interests.

It is very important to consider the life of these products, the truth is not going to last a lot of years, and life depend largely on the good use they are given, because as you will notice, the tablets are practically screens, and when a screen is damaged, it usually is changed, not fixed, there are very few cases in which when a screen is damaged it can lead to a technician for repair. Now knowing this, comes into play very important the brand and reliability of the tablet, not the same brand cat a tablet purchased online or in a promotion, a tablet of a recognized brand and we know that we will effectively Product warranty when we need it, then I recommend that when go shopping at a local required or asked to give them as much information as possible about the warranty, you can ask things like: “If I damage the tablet, the service is provided in this city, or tap to send it to another city? ” or, “When I bring a tablet by guarantee, what is the procedimento you do, how long it takes the warranty process”, or, “What has been the brand that brought them asking warranty?, or Otherwise, what is the most trusted brand, which has given fewer problems with customers? “, this is very important to be lucky to find a seller (a) that we collaborate really, to be honest. They can also find out more information from the tablet to buy on the internet think, be placed for example in google: “is better tablet tablet X or Y”, “I damaged the tablet X” or “I work the tablet and “and the answers will see the information you have shared people who have used these tablets, and they can be very useful.

Now let’s try regarding brands of Operating Systems (OS), I’ll start with Apple’s iOS is therefore what use their tablets are the iPad and the iPad Mini, this operating system is very good, very stable, very easy to use, but the most important thing to know is that people who are interested in buying a tablet from Apple … an iPad, make it more because they use other devices of this brand, not fashion, it would be a big mistake to buy an iPad just for fashion, and that your operating system (iOS) will interact better with an iPod, with an iPhone, or a Mac, that is, with the products of the brand, and one of the benefits of iOS is that it utilizes much the way that data can be shared between devices that use it, but also supports Windows, but not ideal. To summarize, Apple products are very good, has very good iOS apps, but lately they are no longer innovative, advanced Samsung have been showing progress in their smartphones, and on the side of the tablets ASUS has done the same, then the time when Apple pulled a product and others copied it has practically come to an end, if they take anything new, it’s the basics that every brand when exposed presents a new product, and it’s not like before all the Product was new.

Other OS is Android, we can say that is the best known, and most used in the world, usually the latest versions of Android come in the latest devices, overall all versions are very good, it would a problem or a but, they like a tablet that does not use the latest version of Android. The biggest advantage is the large number of applications that account, for you will find everything, and this is very important because you buy the tablet that uses Android will provide entertainment, information, data management ( office), social networks, etc., etc..

Other OS is Windows 8, the disadvantage of it is the low number of available applications. Microsoft is the main promoter with its own tablet the Surface, Samsung and ASUS already offered in the market tablets with this OS too. Its use is not difficult, it has features that differentiate it from other operating systems, such as might make interesting for some viewers. In favor of the Surface is its design, and the addition of a keyboard cover that is used to protect the screen. If you want to know what windows 8 tablets used, may place a mark in google followed by the word tablet and windows 8, eg windows 8 tablet asus or samsung windows 8 tablet.

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