A Guide To Installing Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks can be useful for protecting a wall, with the glass material looking aesthetically pleasing in many different situations. Splashbacks are ideal for using behind a sink or cooker and there are many types to choose from. Read on for tips on how to install a glass splashback in your home.

You should always apply the glass to a clean surface. Before you begin the procedure of attaching the glass, make sure you clean the wall behind. The wall should be completely dry to avoid any damp.

Preparing the surface

Any surface that is not smooth or includes some crumbling brickwork should be treated with primer to prepare the surface. The paint behind the glass should not be scratched or damaged. Uneven wall surfaces should be smoothed down, as this ensures the best adherence. Once you have prepared the surface, the next step is to fit the glass. There are two ways to do this: the bonding method using silicone, or the mechanical method using screws or clips.

The bonding method

The bonding method is the normally best way to adhere the glass. To do this, you can use neutral silicone, ideally a transparent low modulus silicone sealant. The best thing is to use lots of small pieces rather than one large piece in a single length. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you should find this a straightforward process.

If you use silicone, you might need to use a silicone sealant remover. You can buy this from many stockists online and offline, such as ct1ltd.com. You can use this to remove any mistakes with the silicone and also to tidy up your work as you go along.

With a glass splashback fitted using silicone, you can ensure a neat finish. If applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can enjoy a durable and hardwearing fitting. The glass will protect your wall and look stylish at the same time in any kitchen or bathroom. There are many other ways to increase the style of your bathroom, such as by using unusual surfaces, paints and wallpapers.

Splashbacks are not only useful and practical but can also be a central style feature of your room. Simply choose a glass to suit your décor and preferred colour and pattern combinations for a great addition to your sink or cooker area.

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