Musing On Time Travel And The Multiverse

Ever wondered if time travel might be possible? If you haven’t plenty of people have and made TV shows. Films, books out of it. Doctor Who has been going for over 50 years for example with no signs of stopping any time soon. Let’s look at how the theories of time travel are explained using some references to entertainment examples.

There are two main theories of time and how it works. One is that time is straight line. It is heading who knows where and to what. We are passengers on its relentless heady flow. It starts with the big bang theory or God or whatever creation theory you like, and we join it by being born. What if you invented aluminium radiators like the ones you can see at and then went back and accidently killed you Grandad? Scientists have explained that if you did you would create a paradox. Basically, if you went back in time and accidently killed your Grandad you would not exist, so you couldn’t do it. You not be able to invent the aluminium radiators either. However, if you don’t do it you do exist and can. It works with wider actions too. Say you decide to go back in time and kill Hitler to stop world war two from happening. Firstly, you can’t be sure that it would work, someone else worse or saner may come along and it might be worse and happen anyway. Also, if the second world war doesn’t happen your Granny might not meet your Grandad and would marry someone else. So, you wouldn’t exist to do it anyway and we’re back to the paradox again.

The other theory, which has become the generally more accepted is that there are multiple universes where any reality scenario is possible. The show sliders explored this. Again, the big bang/God happens but instead of one lines countless billions of opportunities splay out. The figure is incalculable and so many time lines start from the main point. This means that there is a version of you, or not, repeated countless numbers of times. In Sliders the heroes move between different worlds and different realties. In one episode on of the party was a famous Rock star. In another Dinosaurs still walked the earth.

I get worse., think about all the decisions you make in a day. Even simple things like having tea instead of coffee or walking up the stayed or taking the lift. These gateway decisions some believe, create other you’s and other futures in the multiverse, not universe. These multiple worlds mean you can go back and stop Hitler, but for all you know in that world he might be  Bavarian goat herder or the mayor of Marseille or even a Birmingham pipe fitter called Beryl.

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