Uses Of Psychological Test

Psychological tests are widely used for a variety of purposes. Here we will pen down a few of the same. First of all psychological tests are very useful in giving a good knowledge about yourself, that is the person who undertakes the test. Such tests have a strong influence and the knowledge obtained, can lead people to make changes in their career decisions. For every administration of any psychological test the test taker gets a feedback regarding the level of ability or trait he was trying to assess.

Hence as a consequence of this it can bring a turnover in the desired direction and might definitely mould their path for betterment. Psychological tests are usually found to be useful in the interpretation of different kinds of educational and industrial or organizational programs. In various organizations different kinds of programs for the academic betterment and achievement are carried out in variously and the individuals curious to know about their impact take such tests.

In a similar way, individuals who want to examine their outcome of the participation in any program, like for example detection of the IQ levels of a disadvantaged group can be done with different kinds of psychological tests. Aptitude test is also one kind of psychological test. In classifying a group of persons, which is for assigning the persons to one category, rather than to another one, psychological tests are used.There are various kinds of classification. Each one emphasizes upon a particular purpose in assigning persons to categories. Significant types of categories are screening, selection, placement, certification etc. It is needless to say that the psychological tests play a very important role in each of these types.

  • Screening refers to the process of identification of individuals with specific characteristic, traits or needs.With the help of psychological tests psychometricians frequently screen individuals into creative persons and persons having exceptional talent in and abstract reasoning.Theyadminister the tests on the basis of the scores obtained they usually screen the individuals into desired categories.
  • Selection and certification are quite similar and can be in variouslydone with the help of psychological tests. Certification signifies that an individual has at least the minimum proficiency in some disciplinary activity. Like when a person passes an examination or a certification it automatically confers some privileges. In selection also there is the conference of some privilege on the part of the person who has been selected. These are however better accomplished with the help of psychological tests.The person who are selected on the basis of the test scores are for instance, get admission into a certain course or gain employment in the organization.
  • Placement however refers to the segregation of individuals into definite programs, depending on the skills and needs they possess. Definite psychological test is the process of such placements. Without psychological tests placements would have been a matter of confusion. Hence it is evident that psychological tests are used in a variety of fields, without them the process of selection and business management would have been tougher.

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