The Lesson Learned From Icarus

The flight of Icarus should be a parable etched into the studies of all schoolchildren and teenagers (especially teenagers) as it really only contains one thing that they should remember. It is “listen to your parents!” The tale is one of the many stories and myths that come to us from the time of Ancient Greece when Men were men (or a mixture of man and Bull/Eagle/a fish, delete as applicable to be fair), and Women were impossibly beautiful as they mainly came from affairs with Gods or were chained to rocks to be rescued and were also generally more cunning and clever that any male around at the time. As the name suggests Icarus was a about flight and flying but you would certainly not use them for say a Same Day Courier Birmingham service for a number of reasons. The first is that they only do a Crete to Greece service and the second is, well let’s have a look and see. If you do need a courier service, then just go to and give there website a look. Back to the why Icarus is rubbish.

The story goes like this Daedalus, Icarus’s Dad was pretty hand with his hands. In fact, he was so good he got the job of designing a super maze that was intended to keep in a half man half bull called the Minotaur. Remember what I said earlier about Men being seemingly “genespliced”? that is a cracking example. The King of Crete put people he didn’t like in the maze and this gave the Minotaur a bit of fun chasing them around and then severely killing them. Daedalus ended up in the maze after he passed a ball of string to Theseus so he could get out. Unsurprisingly, as he had designed it, Daedalus escaped the maze and decided to make for Greece and safety.

His plan was simple. Build a set of enormous wings, jump of the edge of a cliff and then flap like crazy and glide all the way to Greece. He also made a pair for his son Icarus and told him the following, don’t fly to close to the Sun as the wax holding the wings together will melt and don’t fly close to the sea or the waves will catch you out. Off they went, and the wings worked perfectly. Icarus flushed with success swooped up into the sky and the wax start to melt. Icarus began to plummet into the sea and while he was a good flyer, for five minutes, he was a terrible swimmer and drowned. Shame, but at least they named the stretch of sea between the Crete and Greece after him; the Icarian Sea. A real tragedy.

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