An Introduction To The Hungaroring

With the F1 season underway, it’s a great time to find out about its famous circuits. The Hungaroring is located in Budapest and is famous for being the first venue to hold Formula 1 behind the former Iron Curtain.

F1 in Hungary

Motor racing in Hungary originated in the 1930s with races held in the street. The first Grand Prix event was held there in 1936 in Nepliget Park. By the 1980s, motor sport was viewed as a great opportunity to encourage tourism to the country. Hungary wanted to host a regular Formula 1 Grand Prix and looked to create a purpose-built venue. The Hungaroring was created in eight months on a site 11 miles from Budapest. It is one of the quickest Formula 1 circuits to be built, and in 1986, Nelson Piquet won the first Grand Prix held at the Hungaroring in front of nearly 200,000 spectators.

Track reviews

The first Grand Prix held at the Hungaroring was viewed as a resounding success, but the race drivers had other opinions. They disliked the twisty nature of the course and concerns were raised about the slippery surface caused by irregular use. The general consensus was that overtaking was highly risky at the Hungaroring, but Nigel Mansell secured a victory in 1989 by going around Ayrton Senna during a moment of hesitation.


Whilst it is still a track that divides opinion, some significant changes have been made. 1989 saw persistent issues with an underground spring finally fixed, and the S-bends behind the pits were eliminated. In 2003, bigger alterations took place, with changes made in the final bends and the creation of a longer pit straight. The first corner of the circuit has been altered to create more overtaking opportunities, and improvements have been met with enthusiasm from drivers and spectators alike.

The Hungaroring Experience

The Hungarian Grand Prix is viewed as a popular stop on the F1 circuit. Visitors flock to the event in their thousands and take advantage of amenities such as the Hungary F1 Paddock Club, which serves the best of Hungarian hospitality.

The circuit is in an ideal location, which makes it easy for visitors to explore the area’s attractions. The Hungaroring has been a great success in celebrating motorsport and encouraging tourism and commerce in the country.

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