The Obligations And Benefits Of Holding A Canada PR

The benefits of holding a Canada PR is many. It is for this reason that there are so many people wanting to acquire the Canada PR visa. With this Canada PR there are a number of things you can do in this country. You can stay here along with your family and work, study and also live here. The education and the health care facilities in Canada are awesome. It is for this reason that the popularity of the Canada PR is increasing everyday. The area of this country is also quite huge and the population in comparison to the area is much less. It is for this reason that Canada is inviting applications from people throughout the world. This country believes that the federal skilled workers as well as the businessmen will help in growing the Canadian economy. If you want to do a free assessment and check if you are eligible for a Canada PR then getting a free Canada immigration assessment form is required.

The Education system of Canada

If you are a PR visa holder in Canada then your children are entitled to get free education in this country. This free education is there up to 18 years in the Public schools of Canada. When you or your children start studying in the University, then as a Canada PR holder you are able to get this education at a much lesser cost.

The health care facilities in this particular country is also exceptionally good

The Canada Permanent residents also qualify for the health care coverage that starts after the completion of three months of staying in Canada. All the important medical expenses are covered that include going for immunizations, going to the emergency rooms, the yearly examinations and others.

The Tax that the Canada PR holders have to pay

If you are a permanent resident of Canada then you have to pay taxes at the municipal, provincial as well as the federal levels. The Canadian taxes have to be paid on the income that an individual earns from the entire world. The assets of an immigrant who has newly arrived is not at all taxed.

The Child tax benefits received in Canada

The families that belong under the lower income group receive the government monthly payments till these children reach the age of 18 years. The guaranteed income supplement, the old age security as well as the Canada income plan are also received by the Canada PR holders.

The maternity leave in Canada

The maternity facilities are also excellent. The women can take a leave for up to 12 months from their work and they will receive a payment of up to 65% in the entire leave period. You can also avail for the paternal leave for upto 38 weeks and during this time the individuals are able to get partial payment.

What is that one thing that you cannot do in Canada?

The PR cannot vote and neither can they hold any political office. They also cannot apply for any jobs that requires a very high security. But before you apply for the PR it is important for you to do the Canada immigration assessment.

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